Things to Consider before Shipping to Australia

There are many occasions when you may want to ship a particular item to Australia. Maybe you want to send a gift to somebody or you are about to relocate to that country. Of perhaps you are about to start an online enterprise that will ship products regularly to this island nation. Whatever be your reasons, you must know everything about shipping to Australia so that your parcel or shipment can reach the final destination safely.

General Rules

Like all nations, Australia too has its own sets of rules and regulations regarding items that can be shipped from foreign shores. Most regulations deal with the type of items that can enter Australian territories and the amount of customs duty imposed on different categories. The Customs Act of 1901 regulates the categories of items that can be imported while the Customs Act of 1995 clarifies the amount of taxes and charges to be paid during the process.

Although you can ship a wide variety of items to Australia, there are certain items that fall under restricted category and will require special permission before they can be granted entry inland. Such categories may include arms; ammunition; drugs; manufactured chemical items etc. Shipping such products may be altogether illegal or you may have to obtain special license and take care of other formalities before your consignment can enter the country.

You can contact the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service or the Customs Information Centre to know more about shipping procedures in case the item you want to ship falls under the restricted category.