Things That Make Plumbers Work Hard

Most of the people try to dealing with plumbing problems on their own to save money and pain of calling a plumber. Plumber North Sydney are experts at dealing with leaking, clogging, fixing, replacing, changing moving equipments and a whole lot of other plumbing works. Here are few things which plumber hates when you try to do it.

Don’t do the plumber job yourself

Everyone takes pride how he happens to fix a leaking tap, clogged drain or lose by himself. But it might be their beginner luck and it works each and every time. It is better to stay away from diagnosing and fixing plumbing problems by oneself. Seek out a plumber and he will get the job faster than an amateur. In this way, you will be save both of your precious time and unwanted money spent on buying equipments for dealing with the problems.


Do not deal with drains

World comes to a standstill by for most of the people when facing with a clogged drain. The worst thing to do is to deal with it by using chemicals, which do not always seem to do the job. People use harsh chemicals, which are not only dangerous to the body but also, ruin the drainpipes by corroding inside layers and other equipments. The best way to prevent clogging of drains is to keep clogging elements like hairs and grease out of the drains.

Replace Hoses after Every Five Years

Most of the time plumber advises to change the rubber hoses on the dishwasher and washing machines after a span of every five years. But people tend to forget and they end with pool flood inside the kitchen or bathroom once in a while. It is better to replace the rubber hose with the stainless steel, as it possesses more durability.

Using an Outdated Water Heater

Tank water heater usually comes with a lifespan of 8-12 years, which doesn’t mean it will last forever. Using an outdated water heater has some hazards as it can burst on the floor and flood the whole house while you are away on vacation. Follow your plumbing expert advice and change it after 8 years though a good product might keep functioning well for 20 years.

Don’t Fiddle with Water Heater’s Pressure Valve

Water heater requires professional attention if it shows any signs of malfunction. People are advised not to drain the water heater or test the temperature and pressure value without any guidance. If you try to fiddle with the water heater pressure valves then consequences can be severe. For example if valves are not properly removed then pressure from the tank will disperse hot water all the place causing serious burns to the nearby persons along with serious property damage.

Not Installing Leak Protection System

Get a water leak protection system to safeguard yourself against any unwanted water leakages in future. Such system offers both an alarm and a main water line shut off option, which stops the flow of water in case of leakage from any of your equipments like dishwasher, water heater, sinks and others.