The Ultimate Norfolk Island Accommodation Experience

If you like quiet family vacations where you and your family can let loose and unwind, then, you need to make your way to Norfolk Island. One of the biggest headaches for any family vacation is getting accommodation that caters for both the adult’s and children’s needs.

Norfolk Island accommodation is perfect for you and your family to experience Norfolk Island’s beauty. Beautifully set up on a high rise three hectare site, you will be spoilt for choice of the best awe inspiring ocean views and two beautiful islands that are a stone throw away, not to mention the beautiful pine trees.

Another reason why crest apartments are the perfect family accommodation Norfolk island is the fact that they are so close to most of Arthur Vale World Heritage Sites where you and your family can get a bit of history knowledge as well as enjoy walking in the same exact places where the early convicts started off what is today’s Norfolk island’s civilization.

Why you should choose apartments for your family accommodation Norfolk Island.

• Great and very affordable accommodation deals

Seeing that we are almost a stone throw away from Australia, we have so many family holiday deals that have so many features. You may only be a few miles from your home but you are going to have an experience of a lifetime staying with us.

We can also help you organize one of the most fun exploration of Norfolk Island. We know all the best and most sought after tourist destinations in all of Norfolk Island and should you wish, ewe will provide you with a list of all the must-visit places in Norfolk. We can also organize a tour by a local which will make your vacation all so glorious and unforgettable.

A wide range of beautiful apartments to choose from

We have an offer for virtually every visitor, whether you are looking for a one bedroom apartment that is furnished with king and queen beds with a double or twin option or two or three bedroom houses if you have a larger family, we have something for you. Each apartment boasts of a glass sliding balcony, a very spacious living room and an equipped kitchen. We have one of the best family accommodation Norfolk Island you can get.

• Beautifully manicured gardens

Did you know than nature has one of the most calming effects even for the most stressed individuals? Get your family together and prepare your picnic basket for a fun picnic in our beautiful gardens and enjoy nature like never before.