The Rules That Go with The Strippers

When people are in need of adult entertainment, Boutique Honeys are the number 1 agency in the Gold Coast for sexy female strippers. Countless number of food and drinks await visitors along with their strippers who are ready to give you a show you won’t forget. When visiting a strip club however, there are rules that everyone should follow, be it a man or a woman and these rules would usually apply to the interaction of these strippers. These rules are very easy to follow and are usually common among several strip clubs.


The “No-Touch” Rule

When things get too hot and heavy during a performance, one of the biggest don’ts in a strip club is touching the stripper. This rule applies both to male and female patrons and will be sanctioned accordingly as it will be equal to sexual harassment. The strippers are only there in the strip clubs to provide a fantasy come to life in the form of these exotic dancers but the magic stops when things go wrong such a getting thrown out for touching the strippers, even in the most innocent of all places.

Do not ask for their personal information

When men or women are interested in taking their newfound relationship with the stripper who has performed for them, one of the most commonly broken rules and at the same time, one of the most upheld is the asking for their personal information such as their phone numbers. While this is up to the discretion of the stripper, their privacy is something that they would still enjoy and they would often decline giving their phone numbers and they would use their stage names as well. Strippers make it a point that whatever stays in the strip club, stays at the strip club in order to maintain the mystery of it all.

Respect them

Despite the very nature of their jobs, strippers are women themselves. They do not deserve to be cat-called or jeered before, after or during their performance. On a more important scale, these ladies would still treat it as a real job and would go the extra mile for it – maintaining a healthy diet, exercising in the gym for a number of hours every day and of course, preparing for their routines which includes practicing for their dance and making sure their costumes or sexy club dresses are ready before their performance night.