The Phases of Corporate Video Production

When there are video needs that a company or an individual requires such as training videos, infomercials and even viral videos, then a corporate video production company will take care of everything that their clients will need. The minute that a corporate video production company will take on a project, they will undergo three steps or phases in order to get the project started. These phases are important in every aspect because each step will be extremely helpful in planning out the video, knowing what works with the concept and making it into fruition.


The pre-production stage is one of the most important stages in creating a video. The corporate video production team who are assigned to the project would require the necessary ideas from their clients in order to know what they want to see on the video they wish to have. In pre-production, the project in focus will be planned out properly by making a storyboard of how the flow of the video will go as well as the scripting and planning of the necessary actors, people or sceneries that have to be a part of the video. A close communication between the client and the corporate video production team is very crucial in this stage.

Video production

The video production phase is the part of the production process in which the raw videos and audios are recorded in order to slowly tailor the video that the client wishes to have. In video production, the corporate video production team takes everything in the studio or in the locations where it is necessary to have the video filmed. This may require actors, educators or the people that should make an important appearance in the video. Other members of the team who play a vital role in this phase are the directors, cameramen and those who are responsible for the lighting and other equipment.

Video editing

The final phase of corporate video production is the video editing and post production. The video editing part is taken cared for by the members of the corporate video production team who are experts at wielding video editing software. They are responsible for enhancing the raw videos animations that are recorded during the video recording stage and include voice overs, effects. Video editing also features the scenes that are really needed for the video in the amount of time that the client requires their videos to be in.

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