The Paradise In Australia

The Paradise In Australia

Do you want to have a breathtaking experience to see the Ningaloo reef whale shark with your family, parents, relatives, wife or husband to be? The answer is yes for all adventurers and those who like travelling and all it takes is visit Ningaloo reef in Australia which was officially declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2011.

The Ningaloo reef whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean about 18m in length but the male shark becomes sexually active when it is about 8.5 metres in length. It can weigh up to 15 tonnes yet surprisingly enough it only feeds by filtering zooplanktons such as krill and copepods through their gill rakers which are the tiny teeth located in their gills. The Ningaloo reef whale sharks are mostly found in warm temperate areas.

Up to the present day, very little is known about the breeding cycle of the Ningaloo reef whale shark. It is however known that they undergo internal fertilization and give birth to live young. The males can be denoted by the presence of two claspers near the pelvic fin and these are absent in the females.

The Ningaloo reef whale shark being a fish does not need to come to the surface to breathe and they obtain their oxygen through the filtering of sea water in their gills. However it is believed that they come to the surface to feed in as much as their feeding habits and normal behavior remains a mystery. Whenever they smell danger they won’t hesitate to dive and they can dive to depths of up to 700m.

The Ningaloo reef whale shark has a skin on its back up to 7cm thick and this provides the whale shark with protection and banks towards the swimmers in any situation threatened to protect its under belly. It has line patterns and spots helping it blend to its oceanic surroundings and unique patterns help single out individual sharks.

Want to visit the sharks? The first step is booking online. Some who prefer to have a pre-visit to the area also book in the main offices. There are many species of fish that are available in Ningaloo reef that’s why a week’s visit can never be enough. For those who have had an opportunity of diving with whale shark, I hope you can now visualize the experience. Indeed that remains as a lifetime memory and a unique wildlife interaction that will live forever.