The Menace In The Drains

In Australia there are high population rates due to the rapid growth of the country. The high population produces a higher amount of polluted water that is either directed to treatment plants or to rivers for non-compliant communities. Rain water and water from over-ground springs and rain runoff is channeled to the river or to reservoir for harvesting.

Due to the fast growing population most of the piping networks and the drains that were designed for much smaller populations are currently overwhelmed. This leads to blocked drains that can stop waste water from draining away. This can in turn mess and impose a lot of health risk to the residents of a city. Say for instance a sewage system blocks, the contents of the sewer lines flood past the manhole and expose a lot of feacal bacteria to human life. In such areas also helminthes are likely to reside and this may spread helminthes related infections. Such blockages should therefore be eliminated to reduce their negative impacts and related damages. When it happens in a household, the impact can be so detrimental and should be remedied with great caution.

Blockages may also occur in drains that convey rain water. When this occurs in a large city, like Sydney, it imposes immediate atrocities to the city dwellers. The major cause of this blockage is suspended and floating substances collected by the runoff. The immediate impact will be causing floods along the streets and this may impair traffic movement. Scoured rock debris might also deposit along the pipe hence reducing water passage. Such blocked drains may also lead to electric shocks if underground and sagging electric wire comes in contact with this stagnating waters. For this reason, provisions should always be made to bypass such drains once they are blocked.

In irrigation schemes, the canals that convey water from the irrigation to either a river or a detoxification chambers may get blocked. These blocked drains may be caused by accumulation of fallen leaves from the plantations or rock particles that deposit along the drains. This water is contaminated and when left to accumulate can lead to high acid levels which the crops are not able to bear. This is also through which the soil can lose its fertility through dissolution of the available mineral elements. These water might also harbor mosquitos which can cause malaria and other related diseases.

Be it in sewer lines, runoff drainage or irrigation canals, it always hard to identify the sources of blockages in blocked drains. This greatly requires the services of blocked drains. Cities and firms should also adopt regular maintenance practices to monitor the performance of drains. Through this they are also able to do away with probable cause of blocked drains.