The Many Reasons To Book Family Accommodation Norfolk Island

Family Accommodation Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is located in the South Pacific and it is considered as territory of Australia for various historical reasons.

If you will book family accommodation Norfolk Island, it pays to know a little history. This island was used as a penal colony by the British during 1788 up until 1814 and then again between 1825 and 1855. The following year, 1856, the Pitcaim islanders settled in the area. They are the descendants of the Bounty mutineers and Fletcher Christian. Together with the Tahitian women, the Pitcaim Island was not able to support the roughly two hundred inhabitants. This is why Queen Victoria granted them with lands on the Norfolk Island. Some of the residents of Norfolk Island are Pitcaim descendants while the rest are Australians and New Zealanders.

There are many reasons to book family accommodation Norfolk Island as enumerated below:

1) There is no language barrier. The residents of the Norfolk Island speak the universal language- English.

2) There are many historical sites to visit when you book family accommodation Norfolk Island. The family can visit the Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama. This is a panoramic painting where visitors can learn about the history of Norfolk Island. The visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk in the circular area that is surrounded with artworks with background music.

3) When you book family accommodation Norfolk Island, the family can also visit the Norfolk Island Museum and find out the colorful past of this island.

4) Go on a gastronomical feast when you visit Norfolk Island. There are many and delicious produce of the sea which are cooked in many delightful ways. The island is also a paradise for the vegetarians as there are plenty of organic and fresh harvests of vegetables on a daily basis.

5) When you book family accommodation Norfolk Island, there are tons of aqua sports activities for everybody. You can see various marine animals when you go diving or snorkeling. If you are not into it, you can just lie down on the white sand beaches and get some tan. A body massage perhaps by the sea shore while listening to the relaxing waves of the ocean.

6) At night time, get starry eyes with all the twinkling stars up above the skies. This is because Norfolk Island is devoid of skyscrapers and bright lights that make it possible to see clearly the millions of stars.

Book family accommodation Norfolk Island and have the most relaxing holiday vacation ever.