The Impact of Weather on Your Commercial Building’s Exterior

You have built a beautiful house you are proud of. The façade is appealing, the rooms inside are spacious, the flooring neat and the furnishing exquisite. But what about exterior painting? Have the commercial painters done a good job? Maybe they have. But how long is the exterior painting going to last?

As the days grow hotter or cooler, you will realize the true potential of the commercial painters you hired. For weather conditions play an important role in exterior painting, you need to consider them seriously and know the impact they can have on your building’s exterior painting.

Surface Preparation

Commercial painters may use the best paint, but even that won’t last if the surface to paint on is not prepared well. Make sure to clean the surface by removing dirt and grime. This causes the paint to adhere properly. Wash the surface clean using a bleach solution. Your painters can also use pressure washers, but be wary; too much pressure can hamper the surfaces.

Once you are done with the cleaning of the surface, make sure to give it sufficient time to dry. If you are painting your exterior for the second time, there may be some old paint left hanging on the surface, so scrape it off well. See Heat reflective coating

Few More Important Things

Another important thing to consider is the amount of daylight. There is less daylight when the days are short. Less daylight means no sufficient drying of the paint. Sufficient daylight is crucial if you are using solvent-based paint, as it dries by oxidation. So make sure there is sufficient daylight before you begin.

Commercial painters are good in solid plastering and building maintenance.