Cockroach Infestations Post Termite and Pest Control Services

Cockroaches are more than just pests that crawl or fly around a room which troubles people. It is an insect that is not only linked with the most unhygienic of all places but it is also one of the most known disease carriers known to man with a bite that is highly dangerous if left untreated. When termite and pest control companies are called in for a job, they will have several tips and possible homework for their clients to do in order to avoid another possible infestation. Termite and pest control Brisbane often give out these tips in order to maintain the service they have just performed.

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Reduce items that attract cockroaches

This is probably the most common tip that a termite and pest control team can give out to their clients. There are a lot of ways in which cockroaches can be lured inside a residential, commercial or industrial setting such as trash that has not been properly disposed of as well as food scraps found present, including that of leftover pet food. Not listening to this tip will certainly cause another commotion with the cockroaches, not only in inviting them back in but also making another possible pest infestation.

Block possible entry points

Termite and pest control teams will often help their clients in this tip which is to block possible entry points. While there are some crafty cockroaches which will hitch a ride in bags which can be carried to and from one place or another, there are some parts of a building in which they can gain entry such as gaps on the doors, pipes that help them lead inside a building or even cracks on the walls. Should there be out of the ordinary way in which roaches can gain entry, pest exterminator can help out in sorting out that problem.

Applying traps and poisons

Termite and pest control teams would also encourage their clients to make use of traps that can help in stopping cockroaches from visiting a home, office or factory. There are traps and poisons in which clients can buy in supermarkets. These traps and poisons come in the form of fly paper, insecticides and poisoned bait. Clients should make sure however that when using these, are out of reach by other inhabitants of the area, specifically children and pets. Should there be questions regarding this topic, a quick call to the nearest termite and pest control company will be highly beneficial.