Taking Care of Your Sheepskins Car Seat Cover

Among all the different varieties of seat covers available in the market, sheepskins seat covers are the best option available for you. They can get you a wonderful experience with their elegant and rich look. Having fine and soft texture, these medical sheep skins car seat covers are thermostatic which prevents them from soaking moisture in winters.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

You can use vacuum cleaner to cleaning the dust or mist particles captured by your seat covers. Clean them once in one or two weeks. It will make them look new and fresh. Vacuums are generally recommended to clean sheepskins seat cover because of their effectiveness in removing dirt from the corners.

Brush regularly

Make it a habit to brush your car seat covers regularly at home. You can use your pet’s comb for that purpose. It will remove the extra dust and will give them fluffy, fresh and new look.

Wash with wool wash liquid

If you want to give a wash to the seat covers, first of all, shake off all the dust from the seat covers. Use wool wash liquid of high quality for dipping your sheepskin seat covers and then let them spin in washing machine giving normal or slow cycle. Prefer using cold water over hot water for washing seat covers.

Rinse them properly and make sure that no soap is left in the seat covers. Brush the seat covers while they are still wet, that will remove the soap foam left in the seat covers.