Switching to LED Lighting

LED Lighting

With different kinds and patterns of illumination, LED lights work as effective mood changers. These lights can be used to decorate the house from inside as well as outside. This cannot be done using the usual analogue lights. This is why people are shifting to LED lights for homes.

Energy saving

Saving the energy is one of the biggest concerns of people across the world. Considering the harmful effects of excess energy production on the environment, we should minimize the consumption of energy as much as possible. LED lights for homes serve the purpose very well by converting 80% of the total power input into the light.

High degree of accuracy

The LED lights can be focused in a particular area with the need of reflection mirrors. They can be designed to concentrate all the given light in a confined space. This effect is used in creating powerful illusions and designs using the LED lights which help in the decoration of house.

Fast switching time

Home LED lighting can offer really fast switching speeds. Frequent switching doesn’t affect its life expectancy or light intensity, unlike the bulbs. The house owners can very well utilize this feature in a display board.

How do LED Lights Work?

Typically, the semiconductor used in LED devices is aluminium-gallium-arsenide type. When the LED device is switched on, the electrons in the semiconductor combine within the gaps inside and release energy as photons (which are the basic units of light). This process is known as electroluminescence and the tint of the light emitted depends on the energy band gap of the device.

Did you know that led can be used as part of the marketing tools? They are what they call led signages.

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