Throughout history, strippers have a vital place in the middle class economical circle. Strip clubs are virtually an adult playground where worn out pressurized men come to relieve their steam. Likewise throughout history, ignorant men have put down strippers as depraved immoral women. But reality speaks different. Strippers are women with a high level of fortitude, and the strip club industry is as moral and legal as any other. Talk to any stripper, and you can find them as enlightening, funny, smart people, just like you and me. As a matter of fact, strippers are strictly against abuse of any kind and they have associations, which contribute for many public causes and help to empower women.

Strip clubs form the core of a multimillion dollar industry and many women see this as a quick way to earn money. This industry has a lot of competition within itself too. Many male and female strippers have flourished in the industry through their own perseverance and skill. It could be said that being a stripper is a lot harder than dancing around a pole. It requires high levels of concentration. Strippers tend to get tired easily and they take every step to overcome their fatigue, at the same time, maintaining their figure.

The University of Leeds conducted a research on strippers and the results were totally contrary to what ignorant people had been claiming all along. The average stripper is well educated and highly cultured. One in four strippers has a college degree, and the rest resort to stripping to fund for their education. Many strippers have a graduate degree in art and are working in strip clubs to supplement their income while they look for jobs. Plenty of strippers have excellent communication skills and know etiquette.

The following statement would come out as a shock to people who have misconceptions about strippers. Every single stripper who was interviewed said she liked her job. Their high job satisfaction level goes against a common conception that strippers lead miserable lives, which is totally untrue. They love their jobs and are treated well. Also no stripper has been forced into working in a strip club. They enter the industry because it pays very well, and has excellent working hours, where they can rest and take care of their family, or study during daytime and work at night. Many women take carefully considered decisions and enter the profession, as opposed to how others think.

On a finishing note, being a stripper is an occupation just like any other and the strip club industry is just like any other field of labor.