Storing Ties Guide

The health of the tie’s fabric shall remain fresh, if the place in which it is kept is well maintained. Any kind of dampness or moisture or excess humidity can result into diminishing quality of the fabric and proper care is required to keep its appeal.

For most of you, it can be a confusing task to decide an appropriate method to arrange and keep ties in your wardrobe closet. The best solution is to follow the below mentioned advice.

Ways and means to store ties in a systematic manner

To begin with, do not make a rush while taking off your tie. Be patient with the knot and slowly release the knot. Pulling them roughly and carelessly can damage its quality and it can also tear off after repeated attempts of pulling them harshly. Most modern wardrobe and storage units come with a pre-installed tie rack.

Hanging the ties on these racks is the best solution. Tie racks are available in wide range of shapes and sizes. Thus, you can make a choice of your own as per your personal preference. Hanging a tie evenly on the tie rack will avoid any creases or folds from appearing on it.

In case you are travelling and there is dedicated space in any of the storage units allocated to you for keeping ties, then you can simply roll the tie from its tail end towards its head. This is the best way to store a tie in absence of a special dedicated tie rack.

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