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Whether you seek to store a large amount of items or are just merely moving, mobile storage could be the best choice for you. Mobile storage adds a new twist to past self-storage options. They are trusted companies that alleviate your pain of packing and squishing your prized possessions in your vehicle and driving to a storage unit. Rather, they simply come to you and get the job done themselves. No longer do you need to go to the storage unit, for the storage unit will now come to you. Mobile storage missions are to make your moving experience as painless as possible. After arriving at your home, or business location, they will carefully pack and protect your items and carry them to their storage unit. You as the customer have the choice on whether or not they hold your items short-term or long-term. Payment plans are then discussed and developed as to whether they may be daily, weekly or monthly.


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Go Box Mobile Storage is referred to as Australia’s favored choice when it comes to mobile storage. The company offers excellent service and an array of storage sizing vehicles, custom built trucks and climate control features. These features accommodate to changing weather conditions, and may compensate for humidity, or heat. Go Box Mobile Storage in Adelaide  is safe and secure by offering added security to the renter’s storage unit.  This mobile storage company provides services such as moving only, storing only or both moving and storing your items.

The following is a list of people who can greatly benefit from choosing Go Box Mobile Storage:

•    Home owners
•    Real Estate Agencies
•    Travellers
•    Insurance Companies
•    Business Owners
•    Anyone who needs extra storage

As anyone can benefit from Go Box Mobile Storage, here is another list, but this time of why this company should be your number one go-to choice in mobile storage:

•    They offer a moving service which is like no other
•    They pre-pack your storage unit before moving it to their location
•    You can request your storage unit to be delivered weeks prior to your move for extra ease and calming convenience
•    There are no expensive extra costs for hiring, driving and removing
•    The client controls their relocation and always has the say in moving
•    Go Box Mobile Storage plans are easily adaptable, if your moving day plans change
•    The unit may be stored for any amount of time as the client wishes, while they unpack their items
•    Storage is a serene experience with Go Box Mobile Storage

Go Box is Australia’s ‘newest and most ingenious mobile storage solution.’ The company consists of a specifically designed moving and lifting system that makes it super easy and accessible in hard to maneuver roads and spaces, which no other container storage company can conquer. With perfect positioning at your property, this mobile storage company maximizes the most of its utilities and equipment and minimizes your stress and workload. They will pack at your pace and confirm confidence with their clients in trusting their amazing abilities to move and store.

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