Steps to Follow when Linking MYOB and CRM

The marketing and sales are the two areas of business operation that needs a primary attention. Understandably, work related to these two areas take up bulk of your time throughout the day. Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if you could integrate these two vital areas of your business through software such as MYOB course online and CRM in order to ease your work without compromising on productivity?

How to Link CRM with MYOB?

There are several accounting software packages available in the market today that allow you to integrate MYOB and CRM seamlessly. Most of these packages allow you the twin benefits of both CRM and MYOB thereby allowing you bi-directional functionality related to customers; accounts; invoices; quotes; products and much more.

In order to link CRM with MYOB you must have a supported version of both packages in perfectly working condition installed in your system along with a supported version of MYOB ODBC Write Back Driver. The disc driver is essential for allowing third party applications on MYOB without which the link will not work. MYOB 2008 or higher versions already has the driver installed by default. You will have to install the driver separately if you are using a lower version.

Installing the Link

While linking MYOB and CRM you can opt for standalone local connection if both the packages are installed in the same computer. For larger companies however, remote connection through IIS (Internet Information Services) is preferable wherein you can access data from multiple machines through the internet.

For actual installation all you have to do is insert the linking software in your machine, run the .exe file and follow the instructions on your screen. However do remember not to run either MYOB or your CRM software while the installation is taking place.