Steps to Follow to Protect your Ankles and Feet from Swelling when Using the Treadmill for Long

If you are a fitness enthusiast then you will surely love your treadmill sessions. Don’t you love the way your muscles perk up and the glow in your skin after half an hour on the treadmill? However sometimes you might notice that your feet tend to get swollen after using this equipment. The leading cause of swollen ankles and feet after exercise is bad technique, reaction to previous injuries and being out of shape.

Learn correct techniques

Take help from running coaches or gym instructors who can teach you correct techniques of running on the treadmill. Bad posture, improper placement of foot and incorrect cadence of motion leads to fluid accumulation n the foot. Following the correct running process will allow you to get maximum benefits of every gym in Adelaide visit.

Skip those energy drinks

When you hit the gym you tend to keep on sipping on high salt energy drinks. While these drinks are high on energy and essential nutrients they are also high on salt. Sodium and potassium concentration levels in the blood have a strong connection with fluid retention in the body. When you consume large amounts of salt your feet has a tendency to swell.

Skip the packaged energy drink and make your own gym liquid refreshments with minimum level of salt. In fact when you are planning your daily meals you will do well to reduce the concentration of salt in your food. In a few months you will be happy to notice reduced swelling in your feet when you work out on treadmills.