Special Eye Problems and Tips on Choosing Lenses

Eye is one of the most important parts of the human body, which is very sensitive and has to be taken care of. Especially people with vision problems or any other kind of problems related to the eye like astigmatism, conjunctivitis, farsightedness etc can wear Acuvue contact lenses which are available in different kinds to suit your eye. So, think again before you choose a contact lens and be sure that it will solve your eye problem

Lens for post Lasik surgery patients

If you have undergone a Lasik surgery recently and would want to try contact lenses which fit your eye, Acuvue contact lenses can be your best buy. Though it is pretty difficult to put in the lens due to corneal surface changes in the eye, you could try using a rigid gas permeable lens or a reverse geometry lens to get a perfect fit. These lenses help patients who find it hard to initially focus right after the surgery. These lenses provide a good vision both during day and night and also stop excessive glaring on the eye.

Chronic dry eyes

Many people suffer from a syndrome called dry eye which is caused due to lack of tears or water in the eye. This problem can be solved by using Acuvue contact lenses which are manufactured with hydra clear plus, which are highly comfortable to wear. This also helps people who have foggy eyes or hazy eyes to see clearly even without using an eye drop. Buy Acuvue contact lenses to try it.