Some Important Facts About Led Signs

Though the fact that signages are great marketing tools is already established, still another fact is making businessmen tries harder when putting up their own signages. And that fact is being its used by almost all of their competitors. That is right, you can hardly see a business establishment these days without a sign hanging or installed in front of their shops. And for this reason, simple signages will not make any difference anymore. What a business owner will instead strive is to come up with a unique or more attention getter type of signage and this is where led signages come in. A led signage of course is more attractive when compared to simple signages like its competitors are of course those that are in the same level of those that illuminated signages. Simply put, ordinary signages cannot compete with led signages when it comes to the attention they generate.

So, why do you think that led signages can be a great solution to businessmen’s dilemma over signages being already common? To answer that question, feel free to check out below what makes a led signage different and more noticeable:

– First of all, led is just an acronym and it means light emitting diode. Just like the incandescent light bulb, this is also a small light bulb but they differ in a lot of ways. Firstly is the fact that led bulbs do not have filament. Do you know how a filament works? It is powered by an electric current of course in which the result is heated light or light and heat. That means once an incandescent bulb is heated, it will consumer electricity to produce light and heat at the same time. And because led bulbs do not have filament that they are always cold to touch, they are more efficient and therefore the running cost is lower.


– Another reason why you should use led bulbs in lighting your display signs is because of the fact that led bulbs will last longer like according to statistics, a led bulb can last up to 11 years. That is not the same with incandescent though as the bulbs must be change every month and though they are cheaper, if you need to change them 12 times a year for 11 years, plus their huge running cost of electricity, that is just too much!

– Led signs are said to be safer as well especially that they do not have mercury in them as well. In fact, led signs are even safer compared to neon signs since they use less power compared to the neon lights. That means they are less likely to generate fire and high voltage mishaps.

So, if you have to use illuminated signs as they are really more attention getter and to think that you can also make colored designs from them, be sure to only use led bulbs in them. In fact, there is really no reason for you not to at all!

Do you want to try this marketing tool? Call the LED signs maker in Melbourne.