Some Ethics of Franchising and Franchise Law

Franchising is a very big decision taken by companies for spreading their business and brand name. There are different ethics made for franchising, which are meant to keep franchising under control, and to keep ac check on scrupulous businesses, who spoil the business ethics by spreading crooked business practices for their own benefits.

Franchise lawyers are aware of all the franchise laws and they should educate both franchise and franchisor about these ethics before getting into agreement with each other.


The first law of franchise law is for franchise lawyers. They should be competent and should have knowledge about the particular franchise case they are handling. They must have knowledge about the general principles and procedures followed in franchising.

Whether they are representing franchisor or franchise, they are expected to do their best for their clients. Franchise lawyers need to keep them updated about the latest developments taking place in franchising. They should be result oriented and should be eager to enhance their legal skills.

Advertising and Disclosure Ethics

While printing advertisements for hiring franchise, franchisors should avoid ambiguous words or statements in the advertisements. There should be no misleading statements used in the advertisements, which possibly could misguide interested audience.

Franchisor should provide franchise various documents containing the facts and figures, earnings and results, so that franchise can use them for advertisement in his territory. Before getting into agreement with each other, franchisor has to provide disclosure statement prepared by franchise lawyer to the franchise, containing all the terms and conditions.

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