Small Printers vs Large Format Printers

Small format printers are usually good for companies which do not need bulk printing or do not concentrate much on promoting their brand and image. This limits the printing opportunities to just a few papers which will have to be printed in black and white. This may look inexpensive, but ends up costing more than outsourcing as toner cartridges used for these printers are pretty expensive.

Small format printers take quite a long time to warm up and print the page individually. This can slow down the whole process of printing. Also the printouts produced by these printers take quite some time to get dried as they come out a little wet. If not allowed to dry, you may get smudged texts and images without any clarity, which is highly illegible and not worth taking print.

Large Format Printing in Sydney is much more advanced in its speed and is manufactured with four print heads. It also consists of a bi-directional printing control which helps in producing fine prints with efficiency and ease. This way you do not have to wait forever to get your copies of ten to twenty large postures, within a few hours. The quality is also maintained which adds to its efficiency.

Business cards and corporate logo

Your brand identity is highly dependent on the quality of the marketing materials used by your business. Business cards are one of the most important ways you can promote and network so take care that you use only embossed printing process and not offset printing. Embossed offset printing gives a classy 3D effect to the materials. However you need to calculate the number of cards you will need in advance as giving bulk orders will reduce your overall costs. See business cards UK.

Your corporate logo should be embossed on all your stationary and you will need to keep track of the number of business papers, letterheads, envelopes and sheets you need to order in.