Skate Boarding – Use Safety Gears

If you are a new skater or you are above the age of 20 then it’s highly recommended that you protect your wrists while skating by using a wrist guard. The biggest issue with consistent wrist guard use is that people tend to get used to them and forget to practice simple self defence actions.

For example when faced with a fall it’s expected that the person will roll to the shoulder and avoid catching oneself with the hands. Use the wrist guard but don’t forget practicing common defense steps. The same concept is true in relation to knee pads which are specially needed in ramp skating.

Put on your elbow pads

Elbows are one of the most important and sensitive joints of the human body. Think of all the ways you are going to be inconvenienced if your elbow is dislocated and you will understand. It’s advisable to put on elbow pads when you are skating in a ramp. If you are new and you are skate boarding on the streets for the first time then it’s a good idea to buy a good pair of elbow pads and avoid hurting yourself.

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Invest in cups

This one is for all the guys who do not want to roll over on the grass clutching their groins in pain and making a spectacle. Cups can be a bit uncomfortable but they are worth all the trouble. They are specially recommended if you are planning on grinding rails that are at a higher altitude than your knees.

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Whether you are an amateur or professional wakeboarder, it is a must that you wear the appropriate protective gears like life vest, safety cap and others.