Should you Have Creatine Powder or Creatine Capsules?

Creatine has long been known for its performance enhancing abilities. It is sold as a pill, as powder, and even as serum. Though the serum formulation has proved to be of low effectiveness, the pill and powder formulations can be easily procured from health centers and drug stores.

Which is easier to get – the powder or the pill?

For normal people who are only concerned with general fitness, creatine levels can be upped by a protein rich diet. But for those who really require the body building supplement, the capsules and the powder are both easy to find and can be bought over the counter at health stores and pharmacies. There are many online retailers as well who sell creatine supplements so you are never short of supply. The online brands may have a mix of creatine with other suuplements like HMB, and if your trainer or nutritionist gives you the clean chit for these supplements then you can order online too.

What are the benefits of Powder

It may be cumbersome to carry the bottle containing the creatine powder around, or to take out spoonfuls of it required for the number of days you are travelling in a small pouch. But apart from this, creatine powders are better than pills because they absorb faster in your body and unlike pills, you do not have to worry about the capsule getting dissolved before the creatine can work.

Benefits of Capsules

The bulk supplements capsules have one major advantage over the powder that they are portable and, they are more convenient for people who travel frequently.