Selecting the Nib for Your Promotional Pens

Whether you offer pens as gifts with products or as giveaways at events, they should always feature at the top of your list of promotional articles that can generate brand curiosity and awareness. See promotional products Australia.

Choosing your Promo Pens

The wrong kind of promo pen can actually cause more harm than good. So before you decide to place a bulk order for customized pen, you must know more about the different types of pens and their nibs.

The Stick Pen

This type of pen represents reliable, fuss-free performance. Its simple design belies its functionality and durability. Although this pen lacks in style, it is extremely dependable; easy to use and long-lasting. This is just the kind of pen a person would rely on to carry with him anywhere and everywhere without any hassle. This type of pen should be your ideal promo item if you want to project your company as reliable organization that delivers honest service at right price. Stick pens are also very affordable because of which they are perfect for mass distribution. The cap can easily carry your company name and logo while the body can carry your slogan or name of products.

The Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens are really convenience personified. The single piece retractable pens are extremely popular with users of every age as there is no cap that is so often misplaced. These pens are available as twist-action or push-action types which means that the nib of the pen always stays inside when not in use. This way, there is no danger of the user’s pocket or purse getting stained from a leaking refill. Ballpoint pens are also extremely professional to look at.

They are available in stylish designs and look extremely classy. Ballpoint pens are perfect if you want to project your business as a professionally managed company with a lot of flair in daily functioning.