Security Monitoring Service – Which One Is Reliable?

Electronic devices are not always completely reliable. They can always incur some faults due various internal or external reasons. A trustworthy monitoring system should be able to give some kind of visual or audible signal to the house owner that it is facing a problem and requires immediate rectification. Presence of such alert mechanism helps the system to garner trust of the users.

Tamper resistant control

The control panel is the heart and brain of an alarm monitoring system. It is this part that controls all the activities of the system therefore it should be in an environment. No one, except the password holder, should be able to access the control panel. Also the panel covering should be hard and resistant to any tampering from outside.

Warranty service

It is one of the most important sign of Alarm systems. The manufacturer of the devices and the service provider should agree to provide at least a year of warranty service on all the electronic parts and the involved labour, starting from the day it is installed in the house.

Ease of upgrading

The alarm system should be friendly to the changes i.e., it should be able to get upgraded at minimal cost. The upgrading can be done to add the fire, smoke or temperature detecting sensors. This will help the system to stay up to date with the changing technology.

Check the phones for dial tone

If your alarm monitoring system uses the phone line to communicate with the central station, then there should be no dial tone in the phones while the signal is being transmitted. Check this by doing a test run and picking up your phone to check for a dial tone. If instead of a dead line you hear a “fax” tone or a normal dial tone, you may need to get your system checked for line seizure.

It is the responsibility of the tenant to inform his/her landlord if the security system of the property breaks.