Saving when Moving House Tips

It is always recommended to start early before your actual moving day. If possible, at least start six to eight weeks early so that you pack everything you need and de-clutter responsibly later on. By rushing, you not only make a mess, but also forget important things to pack and you can be easily tempted to cut corners.

Use free items

When packing fragile and breakable items such as glassware and electronics, use your T-shirts, socks, old clothes, old blankets, towels, pillows as a protective padding to cushion these items. Avoid unnecessarily buying packaging paper.

Using the things you have already got, you will not only minimize excess packing materials waste, but also save money in the process. Reuse packing materials if you can. Ask your friends or relatives for packing paper or bubble wraps. There is always a chance that someone you know possesses the things you need and are willing to give it to you.

Minimising costs with Removalists

When using removalists, time is money, as many of them charge by the time it takes to load up everything on the truck. Make sure all your belongings are packed and labelled to ensure that the process goes smoothly on both ends. Keep them in close proximity to the door, so as the movers don’t waste time delivering them to the truck.

Cleaning Up

You need to make sure that your old house is properly cleaned before you hand over your keys. Since all of your cleaning supplies will be boxed away by the removalists you can think of purchasing a small cleaning kit. If you plan ahead, you can ensure that you use non-toxic cleaners. Avoid using paper towels and use rags instead.