Safety Measures you Should Take when Working in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most dynamic economies in the world and working in Thailand would be an added asset to your resume. But work in Thailand can be a completely different experience but can also be considered as a jumping board to move to other East Asian economies.

You need to adopt the following safety measure when working in Thailand.

Find your transport

Thailand has a variety of transport like bus service, car taxis, motorbike taxis, samlors, tuk-tuk, trains and boats. Taxis are safe mode of transport available at all times but might be expensive. If you are hiring a tuk-tuk you need to negotiate your rates before hand to else you may be conned in to paying more. You need to be taking care of your safety if you are travelling in a tuk-tuk.

Open a bank account

A bank account is very necessary to live and work in Thailand. If you have a work permit then you can open a savings account with a passport and a recommendation letter from an Embassy. With pout a permit you can only have a savings book and a debit card. You need a foreign currency account which will help you to handle deposit a variety of currencies and you will receive a check book and ATM card.

Work in Thailand requires meeting all formalities for a foreign national and the documents required depends upon the bilateral relationship with your country. You need to be wary of touts and drugs while in Thailand as the punishment can be severe. You have to be in touch with your embassy and inform them in case of any eventuality.

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