Reviews on Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge

Are you ready to embark on a trip to one of China’s spectacular views? The hiking trips is an adventure that will test your physical strength but it is a feast for the senses- Be dazzled with the views and take nothing but beautiful memories on your minds, hearts, and take photographs amidst the nature that will hold you breathless.

The best route is from Lijang province and then take a bus going to tiger leaping gorge. You will find a village called Qiaotou where you can check-in at one of the guest houses.

The trail

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Hiking tiger leaping gorge is best suited for physically-active individuals. It has one of the most beautiful landscapes in China. The trail covers the northern part of the gorge and will pass through the rural villages, forested areas, and farmlands. The hikers will pass through high trails that hold on to cliffs that have rapids with strong currents of waters down below for a view.  The trail at hiking tiger leaping gorge showcases the peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as well as the Haba snow mountain which are covered with snow.

One of the world’s longest River, the Yangtze River will be seen lying between the narrow rock formations and it is a view that would leave you appreciate nature at its best.

The trek would normally take an average of two to three days, depending on what the hikers want to explore. The hiking tiger leaping gorge traverses between Qiaotou and walnut grove. But for hikers who want to explore more can continue their trek up to Daju.

The hikers can find breathtaking waterfalls towards the end of Walnut garden. The trek is not for the faint hearted as it is full of difficult treks, they will pass through rough waters but at the end, the water becomes calm and peaceful. The hikers can take a dip at the clean and refreshing water while in the middle of beautiful sceneries.

Hiking tiger leaping gorge also has something for those who prefer a not so physically-demanding trek. There is a path that leads to upper tiger leaping stone without much of a difficult ascending trek. There is also an option of hiring a driver that will take them from Lijang to the beautiful spots.

Hiking tiger leaping gorge is best visited at anytime of the year except the wet months of July and August. If you want to experience this you may visit for more information.