Retaining Good Tenants Tips

Talk to your tenants and try to increase the rent by a small value every year. This is much better than increasing the rent by a huge fraction every two-three years. Small rent adjustments are easier on the tenants as well as they can adjust their budget to this newly increased price better. You may not see immediate profits, but in the long run it will be you who will have benefited.

Be considerate of your tenant’s requests

Always try to have a good working relationship with your tenants. If they wish to make some changes in the house do consider these requests and give your go-ahead wherever feasible. If they are thinking of making huge changes to the house which you are not particularly interested in then have a discussion with them and allow space for a half way agreement rather than full blown denial.

Be a nice landlord

Treat your tenants with respect and do not view them as only a means to earning some money. Greet them on special occasions like Christmas and New Year, attend to their problems relating to the house as soon as you can and give them the feeling that you care about them having a good stay in your house.

There are many rental properties that tenants can choose from. More often than not it is these small steps you take that can make the difference between them choosing your property over all the others and staying in it for a long term. Seek advise from property management agents on how to get a good tenant.