Reasons Why you should Get your Old Hardwood Floors Sanded

If you have wooden flooring in the house, then it needs to be sanded after a few years. Your old hardwood floors are sturdy and durable. It also requires less maintenance, if you have carpeted the floors. However, if you have not carpeted the area, then there is a possibility of wear and tear. In most houses, 3/4th inch of wood floor will be used. It will be nailed to the floor and polished to keep the surface smooth and long lasting. There are many reasons why you should get your old hardwood floors sanded.

Repair better than replacing

Wooden floorings have longevity. As a result, it can be repaired repeatedly despite many damages over the years. You can re-sand the floor repeatedly to give it a new and shining look.

All you need to do is ensure that you have hammer down any of the nails that have started protruding. Sweep the floor and remove any debris so that it does not leave a pattern or spoil the effort of floor sanders. You will be able to easily see the marked difference in the flooring once it is sanded properly. You do it yourself or hire a floor contractor.

Keep up with the trend

If you are not spending on replacing, you can spend on polish depending on the type of floor such as laminated, engineered and solid floors. In addition, you can keep the natural look of the wooden flooring so that it will look ever green when compared to tiled floors.

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