Reasons why Marking Pens are a Smart Choice for Office Stationery

Marking pens are pens having their own ink source. These pens have a tip made up of porous fibres. Marking Pens are usually used by students for highlighting important terms in their projects but now its use is increasingly felt in the official sphere as well.

Types of Markers

There are about six types of marker pens available in all stationery stores, these include, Permanent Markers, Highlighters, Non-permanent markers, Security marker, Election marker, and Porous point pen.

Non-permanent markers

Non-permanent markers also known as whiteboard markers are filled with erasable ink. These markers are usually used on non-porous white surface to write things on a temporary basis which can later be erased. This is used in most offices while making presentations, or while writing important minutes on the whiteboard to be easily followed by everyone present in the office. The erasable ink used in non-permanent markers does not contain any toxic compounds; therefore these pens are the most users friendly among all office stationery. Click here for affordable marketing pens

Election Pens

Election pens are uses to mark the fingers of those who vote for a particular political party, they are usually used to mark the cuticle of the voters in elections in order to prevent electoral fraud like that of double voting. The mark of election pens are not permanent, it stays on the finger for a week or two to show that a person has taken part in elections as a sincere citizen by voting for a candidate belonging to a political party of his choice. Thus, these election pens too are a smart choice in office stationery.