Qualifications to be a Veterinary Nurse

To be a veterinary nurse, one needs to complete the certificate IV in veterinary nursing and before this Certificate II in veterinary nursing so he or she can receive the final certificate. There are further studies which can be completed after this national qualification.

The certification course will give you all the information that is necessary to perform in vet clinics and treat the animals well. Certificate III can also be pursued after you have not joined a vet clinic after the certificate II in Veterinary nursing. To further your career prospects certificate IV is valuable if you have already joined a vet clinic. There are several colleges in Australia where one can enroll for the veterinary course.

The job of a veterinarian is not just to treat the animals, but also give helpful advice to the owners of the animals so they can take care of the animals well. The confidence of the veterinary nurse should be high and they must be friendly to animals to treat them. Sometimes unpleast tasks will have to be performed where the veterinary specialist should be ready for the same. Bring your pet to Veterinary Clinic  for treatment, vaccination and others.

Income and hours of work

The job of a nurse will be at least 40 hours a week where they may have to work on weekends and at night as well. The nurse has to wear a proper and uniform clothing which is usually provided by the employer. The income of the vet nurse is usually $ 30,000 per year which is just the starting salary. The senior nurses are paid $ 50,000 per year.

The wages vary depending on the level of skill, experience, knowledge and qualification. The employment for nurses has grown a lot and the expected growth rate in the next 5 years is going to be 90 percent more. The nurses can join vet clinics and enjoy a rewarding future.