Programming Your LED Sign Screens

Anyone who walks by your shop should be able to read your messages quickly and clearly. So make sure you keep the language simple and straightforward. If you want to offer a deal, ‘buy 1 get 1,’ then say only that. Do not use unnecessary words to impress your customers. Ironically, that may only drive them away. So whatever you want to say, say it upright.

A passerby should be able to get your message in a single glance. If your potential customer is driving by your shop, he should be able to grasp the message you are trying to convey. Within a few words your message should tell him about your latest offerings.

In the end, you might have a great LED sign screen, but if you don’t program it well, then it’s of no use. Colourful LED sign screens in Sunshine Coast are very effective marketing tools. So make sure you use them well.

Few More Things…

a) Powering Up

Power-up your screen to begin the process of editing and programming. Place your sign screen in the desired location. Plug in the screen to a power supply and switch it on. Press ‘Edit’ to enter the editing menu of the text.

b) Speed

It’s not just the message but also the speed at which you display that matters a lot. After all, it’s for the people who are passing by. It’s no use if they can’t read it because it’s too fast, or just stand there waiting for your message to move in snail’s pace. Edit the message and then edit the speed as well. So once you have entered your message and saved, scroll through a list to choose the appropriate speed to display your message.