Prefer Outdoor Digital Antennas to Indoor Digital Antennas

Indoor antennas are usually small antennas that are specifically designed to place on top of a TV. On the other hand, outdoor digital antennas are larger and are made for roof or attic-mounting. It is important to note that the larger the surface of the antenna, the stronger the signal it receives.

The strength of an outdoor antenna is more than the strength of an indoor antenna. If indoor antennas enhance the functionality of your digital TV, outdoor antennas improve the quality of the picture. The difference is huge. Also the walls affect the indoor antennas, making them lose their strength.

It is a great thing to switch to Digital Antenna. But make sure you get the best out of them for a pleasurable viewing experience. Make sure to choose the right type of antennas and place them well.

Aim or move your antenna until you get the highest reading on your signal strength meter present on the digital to analogue converter box. Further, install a booster or a signal amplifier between the receiver and the antenna. This increases the signal strength.

The length of the cable usually affects the signal strength. Make sure that the cable length between the receiver and the antenna is as short as possible. And make sure that the quality of the cable used is good. It should be a RC6 cable (quad-shielded coaxial cable). Never use the substandard white cables that are present everywhere.

Needless to say, recycling your old antenna is also good for the environment.

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