Polishing Men’s Dress Shoes Tips

Use a shoe polish brush for applying and a shade of shoe polish which is a close match of the shoe colour. When you have covered the entire surface of the shoe with polish, leave it to dry for about fifteen minutes.

Using a horsehair shoe brush, brush the surface of the shoe briskly, till you get a shine on its surface. The extra shoe polish should get wiped away leaving only a glossy thin even film of the polish on the shoe surface.

Now the entire shoe would have a same finish of polish. The toe and heel areas can however do with some extra shine. For achieving this, use a damp cotton cloth. Take care that it is not dripping.

Apply polish on this piece of cloth and using circular motions apply this polish on the toe and heel portions of your dress shoe. This is a time taking activity, but the result is worth the effort put in. This step needs to be repeated till you achieve the desired result which in this case is a pair of shoes brilliantly shining at the heel and toe regions.

Initially you may take around 45 minutes to an hour to get your shoes to shine well but with time, you will get adept at the task and may finish the task easily within half the time.

Use these steps in addition to a good set of shoe polish equipment such as shoe brushes, various colours of shoe polish, pieces of old cotton cloth and a horsehair brush. This right equipment with the above mentioned steps are guaranteed to keep men’s designer shoes shining well for long.