Party Hacks To Wow Guests At Your Party

You know what’s the talk on the streets? It’s about badass parties that scrap off boredom and awkwardness among guests. Seriously, if you still think getting clowns and bands are the only way to give a good time then you should think twice. Because the game has changed with photo booths, beer pong and adult games invading parties right now. Here’s a list of party hacks you can try to be the best team host ever:

Experiment on booze

Serve drinks in a unique and fun way aside from flaming shot glasses. Have you heard of vodka gummy bears? Yup, it’s a thing now. It’s pretty simple to do. Just put gummy bears in a bowl then pour the vodka. Cover and it is sit in the fridge a day before the party and viola! You’ve got a fun and unique way to serve booze.

Adult games

Want guests to interact with one another without having to force awkward conversation? Then start adult games. But no, spin the bottle is way too ordinary, so look for games that are new and exciting. There are giant Jenga set, beer pong and more. Research on the Internet to find out more.

Easy to eat foods

Celebration won’t be complete without food. It’s because nobody wants to starve in an event, right? Therefore, prepare foods that are easy to eat and not messy. Finger foods like sandwiches, fries, onion rings, hotdogs and more. Play with options and think out of the box.


For a more fun party, decorate the space with materials that matches the theme. If it’s a laid back setup, get candle lights or hanging lights. For a more energetic vibe, prepare neon lights and match with party music.

Photo booths

Don’t waste any moment in your celebration and get photo booths. With custom photo prints, you can have the freedom in designing frames of the pictures. The wedding photo booth hire Sydney is a good addition to parties because they serve as a souvenir that we can keep to ourselves. And since almost everyone likes to take a picture, photo booths became a trend to almost every occasion whether birthdays, weddings or children’s party.

Connect with old friends and relatives by hosting a get-together party. It takes just a little time to prepare and start the fun. Don’t forget to avail quality photo booths at iBooth. We have comprehensive packages that match the needs of our clients. Give us a call to learn more.