Paper Towels versus Cloth Towels

In every household, there is a constant need for a cleaning material that you can use in order to get rid of the dirt and mess that your children and pets made. And to avoid your area from looking messy and as well as the odour or smell that it might cause if it is not given an immediate attention.

Although there are still a lot of households who use cloth towels because it is what they have been accustomed to rather than using paper towels. But it is important to compare both of it so that you will know whether which one is better than the other to help you decide on which to purchase.


• Without a doubt, cloth towels can’t beat paper towels because if you will use paper towels, you just have to get it, use it, and throw it to the trash bin. But if you use cloth towels, you have to somehow deal with the dirt and mess that are being transferred to it which means that you have to wash your cloth towel over and over again in order to use it again. If it is really messy, you will surely have a hard time in cleaning and washing it due to the mess that will stay beyond its surface and stick there for a long time if you don’t wash it immediately.

• If you have pets at home, you would probably not use cloth towels in cleaning your pets’ mess such as pee, vomit, waste, and other dirty stuffs because it will surely stay on the towel for a long time and it will also leave an awful smell on your cloth towel. This smell will make you hesitate to wash and clean your cloth towels because the stink does not get rid that easy and that you have to lend a longer time trying to make your cloth towels smell normal. And with regards with paper towels, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the smell because after are done cleaning and throwing the mess, there will no longer be an awful smell since it has already gone with the paper towel that you’ve thrown.

• You don’t have to worry about the price of paper towels because these are very affordable and in fact, you can even purchase a number of it without getting worried about your budget. On the other hand, cloth towels are expensive compared to paper towels because of the material it is made of and you can use it over and over again, but the quality of your cloth towels will deteriorate as to the number of times you used it.

Cloth towels might be better on your perspective, but you have to put into consideration the limits of using it in order to know whether your perspective is true. All of the uses of cloth towels can be done using paper towels, but not all the uses of paper towels can be done by cloth towels. And just by that statement, you will know which one you should purchase and use in your household.