Own A Coffee Van Franchise

Most of the time, it is a startup who embark on getting a coffee van franchise. It would be worthwhile to know the basics. Franchising is a term used to give the right to make use of a brand and business model of a firm for a mutually agreed period of time. The success of franchisee is directly related to the success of the franchisor. The franchisor intentions are to put up a chain of stores to sell its products and goods without any liability or investment that comes with chain stores. The coffee van franchise owner has a better advantage than a direct employee as he has a direct stake. Some are there have regulatory laws in place for franchising.

Features To Be Noted In a Coffee Van

Most of the coffee vans that a brand owner offers are Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mercedes Benz and the likes fitted with state of the art technology. Generally, these vans have two group espresso machines, commercial refrigerator, all necessary appliances for coffee making and blending, refrigerated food storage and a display unit. There is enough water supply tanker with filtration system and hand washing facility.


These coffee van franchise owner must ascertain that the van has been built and maintained as per the existing Australian standard related to mobile food vending. The van must be fitted with fully equipped first aid kit and fire extinguisher serviced and maintained as per the mandatory requirements.

The coffee van franchise owner would find that the van has branded marquee and flying banner with event display material available in plenty.

Reasons to Be a Coffee Van Franchise Owner

Coffee has acquired second place after crude oil. Coffee shops are presently witnessing a 7% annual growth rate in the world market. This fantastic growth is projected to continue in future. At present, coffee making industry is worth more than $100 billion in the world. The coffee industry is earning more than $5 billion revenue. .An estimate reveals those 500 billions of coffee cups and 14 billion of espresso coffee cups are consumed on annual basis worldwide. Coffees have just begun to become popular day by day.

The regulatory laws help a franchise with a checklist to verify what he should be offered and what he would be getting. Apart from that, the brand owner franchisor provides enough training and advice in the beginning and from time to time to strengthen the business. After all, the success of a coffee van franchise owner is a success of the owner. Moreover, one gets to know what other franchise owners are doing to make their business more profitable. Sometimes, other successful owners come out to help startups with their experience and strategy.

A Bright Idea

Owning a coffee van franchise is certainly one of the brightest ideas. It does not require great personality, higher education level, a heavy bank balance or some square meter of immovable land at a conspicuous corner to start a mobile cafe. All one needs is a strong determination, sincerity and a cheerful smile to shower upon the waiting coffee lovers.