Overview of Online Hearing Tests Free

We generally go to dentists and ophthalmologists to get our teeth and eyes checked up regularly then why should we not get our ears checked at regular interval? It is advised that people should go for a hearing test once in a year. Hearing losses are of different types and only when we undergo the test of hearing, severity of hearing loss can be identified. There are some online hearing tests free which help us to identify if there is a hearing loss or not.

Types of hearing loss

Different types of hearing loss have different signs and symbols. Hearing losses are generally noise-induced hearing loss, age-related hearing loss and sensori-neural hearing loss. Sometimes hearing loss is caused when the hair cells within the ear are damaged. When hair cells are healthy, they help in passing sounds from the outer ear to the eardrum which is passed to the brain. When these cells are damaged it becomes difficult for the sound to pass through and slowly hearing loss happens. Hearing loss can be congenital too which means loss of hearing at the time of birth. Some symptoms or signs that could indicate hearing loss are-

  • Having radio or TV playing at a louder volume than earlier
  • It becomes difficult to hear a conversation in a loud environment
  • Asking others to repeat the conversation especially when they are speaking from some other room

When any of the above signs is noticed in a person he/she must go through hearing test. Many websites offer online hearing test free which could also be tried to check the hearing loss.

What happens during hearing tests?

A hearing test can take more than one hour so that full assessment is done. Before the test, you would be asked about your lifestyle and various activities that you enjoy doing. You would also be asked about your medical history. The more the audiologist knows about you, the better would be the solution provided. The ear would be checked thoroughly using Otoscope to find out if there is any damage, infection or accumulation of wax. Then hearing is testes using headphones where sounds of different volume and pitch are played and you will have to indicate the sounds you could hear and the ones you could no. The result of this test is recorded on an audiogram.

Online hearing test free measures the relative sensitivity of the ears at different sound frequencies. I produce hearing sensitivity curves. With clicks of mouse sound files with different frequencies and levels can be played. This online hearing test free is advantageous as you can take it any time of the day as per your convenience. With this testy you may not get to know which particular hearing device you need but you can always have idea if there is something wrong with your hearing.