Online Collaboration Software for Task Management

The online collaboration software is very effective in completing group tasks as it allows the sharing of files and other important medium such as videos, photos, and graphs. The team members can continue working on the task wherever they are. It does not matter whether the team members are in different places because the software makes it possible for the team members to complete the tasks even if they cannot hold meetings physically together.

What you can accomplish with visual online collaboration software

• The critical information can be found easily as all files are uploaded on the central message board
• Prevents the flooding of email inboxes because it eliminates the need to send individual email messages
• The status of the tasks are updated at real time and team members can communicate and update their files including power point presentations, processing of documents, brainstorming at real-time.
• Files and other documents can be shared to all the team members without having to use papers. Thus, the company can save a lot of money from purchasing papers used for printing documents.

Types of online collaboration software

1) Visual collaboration tools- this can be likened to a whiteboard where all the information are enumerated, but with more useful and effective features. For one, the visual collaboration tools allow the team members to post sticky notes on the central message board so as to emphasize the notes to all team members. This is a very effective form of communication as the team can see all the updates and revisions on all the projects that are still unfinished. This type of online collaboration software makes it easier for the team members to track down the status of each project and which among all the projects require immediate attention by the team.

2) List-based collaborative software- this type of online collaboration software is similar to the visual collaboration tools in a sense that it allows the sharing of files to the team members. The only difference is that it is not visual. The team members can only see the list of the projects to be done but they cannot see graphs, pictures or videos. Only text messages are permitted, thus, it can be quite a challenge to visualize the workflow of the projects.

The visual type of the online collaboration software is still the best choice when it comes to successful task management software. The details of all the projects, including graphics and videos can be uploaded on the central message board.