Office Stationery and Supplies

Offices can reduce land fill and cut their costs by at least 30% if they use remanufactured toner cartridges for their printers. Some good firms offer remanufactured cartridges, which are carbon-free. Next is to save paper. Use email and electronic form of communication wherever possible. If a document has to be printed, double check it for errors before clicking on the ‘print’ button. Always print on both sides of the paper. For saving ink, don’t go in for high quality images and coloured ink, unless very necessary.

Buy online or through discount stores

Buying online is very beneficial. There are a variety of offers and coupon codes available. Also, there is an opportunity to compare different online stores offering office supplies and stationeries, and choose the best one. Many of these stores provide healthy discounts too, with free shipping. This can increase the savings manifold. If buying offline, always look for discount stores. Some stores offer affordable prices, and also run various warehouse clearance sales. Always plan, implement and spend wisely on these items to make the most of the savings.

Tissue Paper

Paper towel has one of the largest applications in the consumer sector for tissue paper. This type of paper has basic weight and is made from 100% recycled fibre and 100% chemical pulp or the combination of both can also be used. Long chemical pulp is included in order to improve its strength.

Toilet paper

Rolls of  tissue papers are available in the market and are used extensively for toilet uses. Because of its easy to carry property, large numbers of people use it while travelling.