Myths about Whey Protein Shakes Busted

Hot sweltering summers sap your strength and kill the appetite. Eating becomes a chore and quite often you will feel full even when you have not really eaten anything. This becomes a problem especially in the morning when you are rushing for work and the idea of eating a full-fledged breakfast puts you off.

Whey protein shakes are excellent for letting nutritive juices flow into your body without letting you feel boated up and heavy. If you suffer from these popular delusions about protein shakes then read on to get rid of them.

Protein shakes are meant for body builders and will add bulk

This is a myth. The truth is that sculpted muscles and a bulky physique can never happen by accident. Proteins are the building blocks of your body and if your diet is not providing you with enough protein you will soon see a dull complexion, lifeless hair and a sense of lethargy.

Shakes containing Whey protein powder will only make sure that your protein requirements are fully met. It’s only when you get into heavy duty strength training that you will experience growth in your musculo-skeletal system.

Losing excess fat is a ore-requisite in muscle building. Ask advise of health professionals if incorporating the use of weight loss machines in your daily routine will work for you.

It’s bad to eat a lot of protein

This is a popular misconception amongst people. You will hardly see a nutritionist or a dietician chide any of their clients because “they are having too much of protein”. Cut down on carbs and fats, the protein is almost always the good stuff in your diet.

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