Moving Home – Health and Safety Tips

If you work for long periods in unfamiliar surroundings you are sure to be exhausted and fatigued by the end of the day. Add to this the tension of packing up your stuff fast and you have the recipe for disaster. The prudent thing to do when you are operating on a deadline is to place a quick call to moving services.

You should check the home you are moving to for hidden corners, poor lighting and ill lighted chairs. These points will present possible pitfalls/ areas where you can hurt yourself. So look out for hazards and be extra careful.

Property appraisal for your home is determine using some parameters to see if the price of your house is worth amount you invest on it.

Wear suitable footwear

Never wear thongs/ sandals or any other type of footwear which exposes your toes when you are moving house. If you accidentally drop things on your feet you will sustain severe injury. The wise thing to do here is to wear sneakers/ strong sports shoes not a leather shoes. This footwear will prevent accidental slips on wet surfaces. Wearing steel capped shoes is also a good idea. Always keep a first aid box handy for emergency situations.

Restraining straps (the ratchet type is a good choice) are a good choice. Only new ropes of good quality should be used to tie up cartons otherwise they may wear away by friction. If your pianos, antique furniture or other fragile yet bulky goods are there to be shifted then it’s advisable to call an experienced furniture

Never attempt to push trolleys up and down stairs without checking the good locks and the straps.