How to Select the Most Effective Promotional Products for your Business



Company giveaways are cheap, flexible, and effective ways of promoting an idea, an event, a company, or a product. A beautiful mug with your company name that is used year round is a year round reminder of what you are and what you can do for your client. Make sure that your contact details are inscribed in the mug.

However, promotional products can also create a negative image for your company. A lot of umbrellas, for instance, are now being produced sub standardly that the metal braces (ribs) give up easily. Imagine a client playing golf in a windy mountain course with his own very important customer. He proudly opens the umbrella flashy that you provided and the wind instantly shredded to bits. How do you think will he feel? And how do you think he will feel about YOU? Be careful with your choice of supplier. Look for some kind of certification for the company and the specific products that you will be buying to insure that there will be no marketing disaster caused by your promotional products. And since you will be planning your giveaway products well in advance, it’s best that samples be delivered in advance so scrutiny and testing.

Here are some tips. The pointed tips are normally a separate piece that is attached to the main rod holding the ribs and the umbrella handles. Test to make sure that the tips do not break and gets detached from the main umbrella body. Umbrellas that open and/or close mechanically have buttons that control the opening and closing of the sunshade. Test to make sure that the plastic covering of that button doesn’t get easily detached. Lastly, have the umbrella brought to a wind tunnel, if possible.  You will not want its ribs to break when the client is in the middle of a strong rain. With all the possible inconveniences, it is suggested that you do away with this product, for now.

Make sure that the glazed coating of your mugs doesn’t chip away. Cheap mugs may mean cheap production process and that normally means reduced kiln time. Ceramics are normally heated for a long time in a kiln to harden it and some unscrupulous manufacturers try to reduce cost by shortening the kiln time. When that happens, an unsuspecting buyer will have a mug that easily cracks when exposed to hot cold water. Another common problem with substandard mugs is chipping surfaces. You wouldn’t want such material to have your name and number printed in it.

Since you will be planning your corporate giveaways ahead of time, search for possible defects in the product itself and make sure that it will not be present in your promotional products. If the process of checking a product is too tedious, completely remove that product from your list. Your promotional products are intended to speak well of you and it should do nothing less.

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