Members that make up a formwork team

A formwork company like the is responsible for creating formworks. A formwork is an important item used during the construction of a building, be it for a residential or a commercial setting. Its purpose is to set the concrete for whatever part of the building that needs to be created such as a flight of stairs, columns or even a floor and ceiling. To make all these possible, there should be the right team to make this a complete success. Here are the typical members of a formwork team and what their responsibilities are.


A consultant is a member of the formwork team who is responsible for giving clients advice on their construction matter. The consultant has several responsibilities including introducing the client to the company and showing their clients the works they have done in their previous projects. Once the consultant gets their client’s full attention the consultant, the consultant’s job will be much more serious as he or she will have to give the best advice on how they should tackle the problem in order to get what the client needs. Afterwards, the consultant should provide a logical quote on the project they are about to embark.




The builders are the important members of the formwork team. It is their job and responsibility to set and build the formworks that the clients have asked their company to build. The builders are tradesmen who have mastered the art of construction. There will be no problems during the construction phase knowing that the company has selected and hired the best workers for their company’s type of venture. It is highly important that the builders are in perfect health and can possible work for long, rigorous hours with the possibility of carrying heavy parts from one point to another.


The foreman is another essential member of the formwork team as it is his responsibility to oversee the builders, making sure that they are not only doing things right in accordance with the blueprints but it also includes in his job to putt the safety and health of the builders into high priority. The foreman also makes it a point that the formworks are installed correctly in order to avoid problems that may stem during and after the construction project has been completed. The foreman should have years of experience in managing and supervising a project so as to ensure that work is properly carried out.