Meanings of Line Markings On The Road

Line markings are one of the very important things in our society today. Without these line markings, a lot of things would work differently, especially when we are talking about the road. Line markings on the roads are there to provide safety and instruction to everyone who is using the road, including the walkers. If these line markings are not placed on the road and there is nothing for the drivers to follow, a lot of road accidents could happen and arguments could arise. This is because not everyone can bear the hassle of traffic and some people are just hot tempered. They can’t stand being on the road for a very long time because of the traffic but without these line markings that we see, this traffic would surely be a lot more congested.

Here are the meanings of the line markings on roads.

1. The yellow lines on the center of the road.

The yellow lines on the center of the road indicate the separator of two sides. The roads are divided into two equal sides for all the drivers to take. These two sides are going on different directions and that is why when drivers are on the opposite side, they can’t just go to the other side because this action will surely cause an accident that could endanger all the people’s lives that are on the road. Suddenly changing directions is very dangerous when you are on the road because you are not the only that is using it. You need to find the right time to do your U-turn because this is where you are safe to change directions. You can’t just do anything that you want when you are on the road. The yellow lines are strictly to be followed and if anyone will violate this rule, he will surely pay a very big amount of fine that he would wish he would have just followed the road rules. Even emergencies are not exempted in this road rule. Everybody is to follow this.


2. The series of white lines on one side of the road.

If you can see these lines, it means that you are to slow down to give chance to the walker to safely cross the road. If you are the driver and you caused an accident because you did not slow down even when you are in the pedestrian lane, the blame is automatically on you because the rule clearly states that pedestrian lanes are the safe zone for walkers to pass and cross the road. All drivers are also advised to follow it or else there will be a serious consequence that they will have to do. There will also be a fine that you have to pay because it is clearly your fault.

3. White arrow lines.

White arrow lines indicate that you can turn to the direction that it is pointing. When you can’t make any turn when you are on the road without these arrows, it is now your chance to make that turn as long as it is safe for you to do it.

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