Maintaining Your Freshly Sanded Wooden Floor

Choose from the several wax options available in market. Follow the instructions in the application manual, and voila! your hardwood floors have transformed into as good as new. Also remember, if you’re uncomfortable or inconfident about taking it up, the next best option is to let the professionals do it for you.

Advantages of Waxing

Floor sanding in Ipswich is essentially a chore to ensure the upkeep of the hardwood floors in your home and office. So, obviously if you do not do the process entirely, the results will not show. As mentioned above, polishing does not suffice is completely transforming the appearance of the hardwood floor. Waxing is important too, and it has many advantages.

Wax application not only adds sheen, but also smoothens out the surface of the wood. Wax application ensures that the wooden floors look as good as new. However, it always advised that caution must be exercised while maintaining the floors. No one kind of stain should be allowed to linger on the floor.

Other Useful Tips

After the floor sanding procedure is complete, you should avoid walking on the surface for the next 24 hours. For placing back the furniture on the surface you will have to wait for 72 hours. However, when moving back the furniture, you should also bear in mind that the furniture should not be dragged on the surface. It may cause the polyurethane to crack, and come fall apart. Generally polyurethane is likely to take 7 days to fully harden.

A pest and building inspector will be able to determine the parts in your house that are prone to termites. Subterranean termites needs moisture to survive.


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