Maintaining Silk Curtains

You have to take extra care while ironing silk material because silken fibers have a delicate weave. Use a good quality iron which has a separate setting for handling silks. Make sure that the entire fabric of the curtain has unvarying dampness all throughout its length. If the fabric is too dry then watermarks will appear once you begin pressing the iron. You need to be especially careful while handling pongee which can only be ironed when completely dry. It’s better to try ironing silk on the opposite side after placing a layer of cheesecloth on it.

Pressing the silk curtains when they are too damp will render the process of ironing ineffective. If you have white silk curtains then you need to be extra careful as they can turn yellow with excess heat.

Home maintenance tips for silk curtains

Never place inflammable objects like candles, electric appliances etc near your silk draperies. You must remember that silk has a tendency of catching fire instantly. Always mop any spot or mark on your curtains with a damp cloth after you detect it. This will save you the time and trouble of wishing the whole set of curtains to remove that one stubborn mark. If you can afford to dry clean your curtains and blinds then that’s the best maintenance option.

Installing Roller Blinds

The roller blinds should not be installed near to where your kids play. This can harm them and can even be life threatening. A cot, bed or high chair should not be placed near the window patio where the child can climb easily or reach quickly. Bed, cots and furniture should be kept away from the window. Sofas, chairs, shelves, etc. should be kept at a good distance so the kid is not able to reach the blind in any manner.