Maintain your Gym Equipments Properly

You can easily install a few basic gym equipment at home and train on them regularly in order to remain fit, healthy and active. But do keep a few tips in mind as not all equipments suit everybody and you may be causing more harm than good by training on the wrong kind of equipment.

Just like all other household equipments, your gym equipment too requires routine cleaning and maintenance. Go through your user manual to understand how the equipments should be cleaned correctly. Don’t tamper with sections if you are not absolutely sure about it. Lubricate periodically to ensure smooth performance.

If the gadget is running on electricity check all wires and connections for fraying and replace immediately. Always use equipments in correct position and posture as demonstrated by the manufacturers to avoid damage or mishaps.

Increase your Intensity Gradually

A safe and effective fitness routine should always progress gradually. Similarly, your use of machines should also increase in a phased manner. Always start at the lowest resistance or speed and gradually work your way ahead in a systematic manner. You should always give your body enough time to acclimatize itself to the pace of your exercise. This is all the more vital if you are working out on your own without professional guidance.

Once you are comfortable with the machine and your body has adjusted comfortably, you can increase the intensity by about ten percent each week. However, use your own judgment to decide the pace and intensity that is safe and effective for you.

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