Knowing the Colours That Influence Shoppers

Have you ever wondered as to how you felt safer in one shop and energetic in the neighbouring one? The same is true when you are driving and notice that the line markings on the road are visible.  Colours have psychological impact on people. A perfect colour can accentuate the look and feel of your store and influence your customers accordingly. It’s highly important that you understand colours, because colour influence is not just confined to merchandise.

If you own an artistic business like a gift shop or a flower shop or a designer shop, then use unconventional colour combinations that reflect creativity. For example, a combination of purple and its variations like plum, magenta and pale blue works great.

If it is a men’s clothing store, you will want to, obviously, attract the male customers. But you should also understand that women shop for men, too. So blue is the universal colour. Adding a shot of red or yellow will add energy.

Warm colours ranging from orange to red go well with restaurants and cafes. It is stimulating and soothing at the same time. Time passes more slowly under red lights, says a research. Orange, on the other hand, gives an energetic and sophisticated feel. Or if it is just a fast food centre, a combination of red, yellow and white could work wonders. Or if it is a bar, you might want to tone it down a little with subtle green combined with soft orange. It certainly creates an aura of laziness and sophistication. That’s how you want your customers to be if it’s a bar, isn’t it?

In the end, bear in mind that even too much colour or the wrong combination could be dangerous for your business. Colours should be attractive, but they should not be harsh on your customers’ senses. So spruce up your store with appropriate colours. And commercial and house painter know ways to turn a plain wall into a compliment, into something extravagant and beautiful that tells a great story – about your business.

If you want to save on electricity, try Heat reflective paint in your shop.